Tackling ... not knowing better!

Peritas stands for the rapid reaction force of experienced managers and specialists for companies in change. Our issue managers work "hands-on". We roll up our sleeves and get to work. We are role model and worker at the same time. To achieve your goals, we take responsibility and get your employees on board.

In doing so, we take advantage of opportunities that arise - for example, by harvesting so-called "low hanging fruits. We gather all relevant information and analyse situations according to the cause-and-effect principle. We bridge recognizable bottlenecks pragmatically and immediately install effective instruments to counteract them. Together with our customers, we master all challenges with regard to a sustainable solution and achievement of objectives.


Why Issue Management?

  • Important top performers fail - need to bridge & compensate short term
  • Strategic bottlenecks must be overcome (People & Competencies)
  • Discover, develop and systematically expand unused potential
  • Detecting & developing opportunities in changing markets
Need for Action:
  • Filling open vacancies takes time - important changes are "on hold" due to lack of management & leadership
  • Acute undesirable developments unsettle people - they lack orientation and stability by leaders
  • Negative results - markets & stakeholders demand development & implementation of fast effective measures
  • Public perception is distorted - company is under strong pressure to explain and communicate


How do we proceed here?

Solution Approach:
  • Quick analysis, pragmatically outlined approach to a solution
  • Efficient implementation by experienced interim managers
  • Active control and fine-tuning in the event of faults
  • Scalable team / specialists with short training
Supportive Offering:
  • Experienced practitioners bridge missing leadership & communication
  • Quick analysis of the situation (people, market & technology)
  • Pragmatically implementable modular solutions (short-/mid-/long-term)
  • Access to reliable network to support measures
  • Valid and meaningful information (consolidation data, key performance indicators)


What can you expect?

  • Entrepreneurs and Leaders
  • Take people with you and integrate them
  • Develop and empower key people
  • Experienced industry specialists e.g. for services, logistics, production, trade
  • Many years of experience in heading sales, marketing & communication
  • Project Management / Project Controlling
  • Business Intelligence (BI) for Analysis & Vizualization
  • IT Specialists for Customizing, Developing & System-Analysis