Unlike Others ... Anders als Andere ;-)

Are you looking for a dialogue partner at eye level? A sparring partner who is honest, even if it hurts sometimes? A manager who rolls up his sleeves and gets down to business? Then peritas is the right partner for you. For more than 20 years we have been working successfully for many companies from a wide range of industries. Always with our ear to the market and ready to take the next step. With people at the center. We do not talk, we do and MAKE things happen! Our team consists of specialists for issue, competence and transformation management and you get every knowledge & experience you need from one single partner. No questions whether you want to solve an issue on an interim basis, fill an open position with the right employee, stabilize a shaky project or take the path to digitalization - we're standing with you for the best solution.

Together, we develop solutions to meet your challenges and achieve your goals.

Since 2002 alongside our Customers ... some facts about peritas (DEC-2023):

Project days in action
for our customers
Experiences (Skillsets)
covered by our Team
> 0
KPIs visualized
in management cockpits
> 0
qualified people
found for our customers
clarifying discussions
with people concerned

How we succeed...

The target is a joint path.
Listening - understanding - acting

If you are in pain, expect your doctor to help you. Fast and lasting. The reality often looks different. Symptoms are apparently eliminated. But if you do not get to the root of the problem, the pain comes back. The pain is the symptom, the cause lies elsewhere. In order to find out, it takes time, attention and someone who takes you seriously, listens, understands and acts correctly.
In the economy it is the same. If your company is facing challenges, we get to the bottom of it. We listen carefully, look closely and intuitively grasp what makes your success, where the strengths of your company lie. We ask the right questions, put our finger in the wound and act in your interest. Together with all parties involved, we find solutions to achieve your goals, successfully implement projects and look to the future stronger than ever.
We take people in our focus!

Our self-image...

Only a satisfied customer is a good customer.
Acting at eye level - taking people along - shaping change

If you are satisfied, we are successful. This spurs us on to top performance. You know your top performers and core competencies, you know all relevant processes and hold the key to your success in your hands. We support you in finding the right lock. We are seasoned managers with a broad and deep horizon of experience. Our aim is for you to achieve your entrepreneurial or personnel goals and to meet challenges in a stronger position. This process is often accompanied by far-reaching changes. If you and your employees get involved, we support you to the best of our knowledge and belief. We are intellectually young and ethically old-school and that is exactly how we work. Always up to date, but with the reliability and professionalism you expect.
Together we are strong!

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