Solution Makers ... MAKER - not VIEWER!

The rapid task force for organizations in transition!

The experts of peritas combine industry experience, consulting know-how and sound IT expertise. We know about the challenges of our customers and develop solutions for and with you that can be implemented quickly and easily. With our support and your data, we gain deep insights into your company together, in order to control efficiently and target-oriented on the basis of individual key figures.

  • Constant change, economic transformation & digital awakening are our daily business

  • We find and promote talent and develop top performers

  • We act as your general contractor for the sustainable management of business challenges

  • We offer complete solutions from one source ("One Stop Shopping")

  • We combine spezialists & entrepreneurs in a powerful team

  • We work efficiently and support your digital change with disruptive approaches & technologies


Tackle, not know better: Seize opportunities,
bridge bottlenecks, overcome challenges

As an entrepreneur, you are probably familiar with challenges that start with a small problem and suddenly get in the way of your business goals. Analysis and consulting are completed, operational support is urgently needed. This is where the Issue Managers of peritas come into play. The rapid reaction force of experienced managers and specialists for companies in change. Our Issue Managers tackle, take responsibility, get your employees on board, help to overcome challenges and achieve your goals.

We stay on board as long as you need us, empower your own employees and managers and leave the ship when the agreed goals are reached.
We measure our performance by your success!


Listening, not rambling: finding high performers & talents, promoting people & keeping them in the company

Good employees are committed, motivated and productive. They not only think ahead but also think ahead, take responsibility and act with pleasure in the interests of the company. That does not exist? Yes, there is! A good employee fits your company like a lid on a pot. In addition to training, know-how and experience, chemistry and values play an important role. Your and your future employees' ideas must match. When searching for competent reinforcement for your team, we act not only on your behalf, but also in the interest of the candidates.

So that the well-founded decision becomes a sustainable, successful connection.
Let us strengthen your team!


Leading, not complaining: Change perspective, shape digital change & support implementation

Do you want to communicate better with your customers, develop new markets, optimise the quality of your products and services or be more innovative? Be smart! Open up to the possibilities of digitalization and learn about the advantages for your company. We support you in analysing your digital value chain ... from the internal processes of your department to the last ramifications for your customers and suppliers. We structure existing information, find patterns and recognize your potential. Together, we implement creative solutions within the scope of your possibilities - if necessary also beyond information technology.

Since our foundation in 2001, digital change has been an integral part of each of our projects.
Smart People Change!