Listening ... not rambling!

Finding capable employees who fit you and your company is not easy in these times. If specialists are also required, many companies and recruiters reach their limits. We not only talk to you, we listen carefully. This is the only way we can find out who is a good match for you in terms of human resources and expertise. In addition to training, know-how and experience, chemistry and values play an important role. Your and your future employees' ideas must match. When searching for competent reinforcement for your team, we act not only on your behalf, but also in the interests of the candidates.


Why Competence Management?

  • Your company grows faster than you can strengthen your team
  • Structural changes in the market demand new/other teams
  • New markets and/or technologies need experts/specialists
  • You cannot find employees because attractive incentives are lacking
  • To develop the company further, fresh thinking is needed
Need for Action:
  • Short-term absence of important key people (e.g. illness)
  • Shortage/Bottleneck of Resources in current projects
  • Key managers leaving the company


How do we proceed here?

Solution Approach:
  • 6 to 8 weeks for briefing, research & first contacts
  • 8 to 12 weeks for personal interviews & candidate benchmarks
  • Presentation of 2 or 3 suitable, interested candidates
  • Orchestration of mutual expectations and ideas
  • Accompaniment of the contract negotiations up to signature
Supportive Offering:
  • Detailed analysis of the company with its cultural characteristics
  • Stocktaking (briefing) with management and supervisor(s)
  • If required: Bridging gaps by experienced  issue managers
  • Evaluation of job profile, team/workplace and environment
  • Extensive market research (target industries & companies)
  • Discreet approach and professional pre-selection of candidates
  • Informative candidate profiles including our expert opinion


What can you expect?

Listening instead of Rambling

We provide personal attention to all candidates and use different perspectives (personality, communication, structure and professional skills) in our interviews to ensure a coherent assessment of people. In this way we ensure that the cooperation between employer and "new" employee is sustainable and long-term. In the interviews and discussions with potential candidates, we represent our clients with passion and expertise in order to put the perspectives and potential of the advertised positions in the right light.

Experience & Competence
  • Many years of practice in personnel management and development
  • Grown network with specialists for innovative markets
  • Focus on high-tech for ITK, service providers, production & trade